Prayer And Evangelism Ministry

“Prayer is man giving God the legal right and permission to interfere in earth’s affairs”. Therefore our ministry consist of intercessors that are committed to seeking the face of God through fervent and effectual prayers and fasting.”


Our mandate is to live a sanctified life as we persist in the place of prayer. (Luke 18:1-2)


  • We intercede that the presence of God continually abides in Edinburgh Tabernacle
  • We render support in prayer to our pastor and the leadership of the church with regards to their service, walk with God and their ministries. Exo 17:10-12. We also intercede for their families and all areas of their lives.
  • We make intercession for the various departments in Edinburgh Tabernacle to function and operate effectively and in unity.
  • We make intercession also as directed by our Pastor.
  • We intercede concerning our Church weekly and monthly services, upcoming events and programs.
  • We make intercession for every word of God and prophetic utterance concerning the church and the congregation.(Matt 18:18-20)
  • We intercede that the fruit and gift of the Spirit will continually remain manifest among us.
  • Most importantly we intercede for Edinburgh Tabernacle members concerning their spiritual life and walk with God and also all other areas of their lives that it shall continually be well with them. (Eph 6:17-18)
  • We also intercede for the government, community, the city and the nation. (2 Chron 7:14, 1Tim 2:1-4)
  • We offer intercession for the Redeemed Christian Church as a whole, our mother parish, sister parishes and the body of Christ in general.(Eph 6:17-18)

Meeting Times

Every Wednesday- 6:30 – 8:00
Fasting and prayer every 1st Wednesday of the month.
Every Sunday- 9:00am – 9:30 in the Sunday School Room

If you would like to join us, please contact: Bro Precious